Spinque Academy

Basic Course

A 6-week deep dive into relevance modelling, search design and data virtualization.

Lectures and practicals

The course consists of lectures and practicals. Lectures are held weekly on Wednesdays and last an hour and a half. In between lectures you work on practicals. On Tuesdays there is an optional meeting to ask questions about the practical.

The next course is scheduled to start September 1st 2021. Do you want to participate in the course? Send us an e-mail and we'll get in touch with you about the details.

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Week 1: Overview

Lecture: integrated data access, knowledge graphs, strategies, APIs.
Practical: get acquainted with Spinque Desk.

Week 2: Modelling relevance using strategies

Lecture: relevance, probabilities, SpinQL and search patterns.
Practical: model common search patterns with strategy operations filter, extract, rank, traverse, combine.

Week 3: Search as a design discipline

Lecture: search tasks, search-based applications and APIs.
Practical: distill search tasks from end users, sketch application and define API specification.

Week 4: Data Virtualization

Lecture: data formats, target schema, data mapping and data integration.
Practical: create a data mapping.

Week 5: Project

Lecture: questions and project introduction.
Practical: work on your project.

Week 6: Project presentation and wrap-up

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