It's time to
design your own
search engine.

You know what's relevant in your domain and what's not. Express this knowledge and create exactly the search solution your users need. We'll make sure it's ridiculously fast.

Spinque Desk: search design powertool.

Spinque Desk is our powerful design tool that helps you get from isolated data to a search solution that is tailored to your needs.

bubble_chart Connect your data

Import data from all kinds of sources and integrate it into a unified knowledge graph. You can even enrich it with external authorities such as Wikidata.

search Search your graph

Design search solutions to find exactly what you need using our visual editor. Without compromises.

cloud_queue Deploy as API

Search your graph from everywhere by deploying your search as a Web API. As easy as one click of a button.

Powered by Spinque Desk

Spinque Services: designing search

Let us help you to take charge of your data and design search applications that are tailored to the needs of your organization.

bolt Design Sprint

Having trouble finding relevant information quickly? Let's investigate how best to solve your search problem.

build Develop Sprint

Are you ready to take your search application to the next level? Let's team up and develop your stories.

school Spinque Academy

Do you want to take full charge of your search? Let us train you and become an all-round search designer.