This is our team of search professionals. We are dedicated to enabling you to solve your toughest search problems.

Our story

Spinque originated in 2010 at the Dutch National Research Centre in Computer Science and Mathematics (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica) in Amsterdam. Arjen, Roberto and Wouter had worked on the integration of 'high-performance database engines' and 'information retrieval' to improve the flexibility of search engines, and subsequently were the first to introduce a scalable implementation of a probabilistic graph database to the market. With Michiel joining the team in 2014, support for linked data and knowledge graphs was added to the technology.

Today, Spinque technology answers millions of queries on a daily basis in domains such as eCommerce, government, enterprise search and cultural heritage. With close ties to academia, we are able to drive innovation backed by the latest research output.

Our mission

It is our mission to put you in charge of your search. We are convinced that search solutions are best created together:

  • Knowledge scientistsknow how to integrate and enrich your data
  • Information specialistsknow what is relevant in your domain
  • UX designersknow how to create the best experience for your users

We know how to support the multidisciplinary search design process and provide you with the best technology to power your solutions.