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Introductory Course

A 6-week crash course in which you learn all the basic skills you need to build your own search applications.

Take charge of your search

Search applications are best created by you, an expert on your domain. We created Spinque Desk to enable you to do just that. In this introductory course we teach you all the basic skills you need to build your own search application.

The course consists of lectures and practicals. Lectures are held weekly on Wednesdays and last an hour. In between lectures you will build Fliques, a search application for movies. On Tuesdays there is an optional meeting to ask questions about the assignments in which you do this. Would you like to participate? Send us an e-mail and we'll get in touch with you about the details.

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Week 1: Overview + Knowledge Graphs

We introduce you to Spinque Desk and to Knowledge Graphs, the data model on which we design search applications. During the practical you'll get acquinted with Spinque Desk.

Slide from week 1: Search Design - solutions are best created together.

Week 2: Search Strategies

We show you how to create search strategies that answer your queries. You do this by combining building blocks that perform various operations on a knowledge graph: searching, filtering, ranking, transforming, matching, etc. This week you'll build your first search strategies needed for Fliques.

Slide from week 2: Basic text search

Week 3: API Deployment

We explain how to publish search strategies as API endpoints and how to connect them to search applications. You will connect your search strategies with Fliques and make the application fully functional step by step.

Slide from week 3: Setting API output in a strategy

Week 4: Data Virtualization

We return to the topic of Knowledge Graphs and teach you how to create them out of separate data sources. You create the knowledge graph with movie data you're using for Fliques.

Slide from week 4: Target Knowledge Graph

Week 5: Search Design

After four weeks of learning how to work with Spinque Desk we explain how you can apply Spinque Desk in the process of creating search applications: search design. You go through a search design iteration and design a new feature of Fliques.

Slide from week 5: Tasks

Week 6: Presentations, graduation and wrap-up

During the final meeting we invite you to tell us about the search design iteration you went through and to present your new Fliques-feature. After this it's graduation time and we wrap up the course together.

Screenshot from week 6: presentations

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