Outsystems | NextStep Experience with NovioQ

Posted on 18/11/2022 by Wouter Alink

NextStep, Outsystems' annual customer event, took place this week. For three days industry experts, thought leaders and customers shared their insights and experiences with the leading low-code development platform for enterprise applications. Next to the global virtual event some regional face-to-face events were organized by Outsystems implementation partners. We were invited by NovioQ to talk about how Spinque Desk complements OutSystems at the NextStep Experience with NovioQ.

High-performance low-code systems

The event started in good fashion with the virtual keynote by Paulo Rosado, Outsystems' CEO. He emphasized the world's need for scalable low-code applications that perform day-to-day tasks efficiently.

The live event focussed on the integration with SAP and most of the talks mentioned the good portability/migratability/upgradability features of the OutSystem platform and the need for those. This was probably due to lessons hard learned with previous software tooling. With the ongoing upgrade process to SAP S/4HANA, customers realize the actual value of a good low-code platform. The bulk of the work is in translating custom code. And therefore having a system with minimal custom code and having a minimal custom code policy in place has become a key requirement.

Two complementing technology stacks

Throughout the day I started to realize where the real synergy between Outsystems and Spinque Desk comes in. OutSystems and Spinque Desk both provide low-code solutions in their own field (application design and data access design) and therefore complement each other. But other than that they just fit well, they actually improve their performance when the technology stacks are operated in unison.

OutSystems allows developers to build applications with minimal code. This not only ensures that applications are developed quickly, but also makes porting, migrating and upgrading much less complex. Spinque Desk, in turn, enables developers to declaratively define data-access patterns and APIs flexibly without programming efforts. Outsystems applications can only be written with minimal code when the APIs they consume match the application logic perfectly and this is exactly what Spinque Desk provides: APIs that are tailored towards the application. Thus minimal (or no) custom code is needed to connect OutSystems and Spinque Desk and this in turn leads to applications that are better portable, migratable and upgradable.

Outsystems Spinque synergy

Speed and Agility

By creating APIs that are perfectly tuned to the applications that consume them less code is needed to achieve and sustain the same functionality and more time and attention can be devoted to understanding the business needs and to designing the best solutions for them.

NextStep was a nice event with interesting talks at a beautiful location. Thanks for inviting us!