U-reka! - search for city councillors

Posted on 06/02/2020 by Peter Tessel

Last week search application U-reka was launched to much acclaim. U-reka helps city councillors of the city of Utrecht and their staff members find relevant information easily and quickly.

During a playful competition at the launch event, team 'Experienced', equipped with a laptop, paper documents and with access to a helpline was pitted against team 'Young', solely equipped with a laptop with U-reka. The competition consisted of five search classics drawn from Utrecht's municipal politics, including 'When was the first emergency debate on the Uifhoflijn?', 'What does the abbreviation VRI mean?' and 'What is the maximum permitted sound volume for a sound transfer (in the context of the new music complex TivoliVredenburg)?' Although both teams managed to answer every single question within a minute, team 'Young' shouted 'U-reka' more often than team 'Experienced' and beat them 3.5 to 1.5.

The launch of U-reka concludes a search design process in which we worked closely with information and UX specialists of the municipality. We would like to thank them for the pleasant cooperation and congratulate them with the result that was achieved.

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