Search Design Powertool.

Spinque Desk is our powerful visual design tool that helps you get from isolated data to a search solution that is tailored to your needs.

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Easily build a search strategy by connecting various building blocks. Start with a dataset, filter it, navigate the graph, extract data and rank objects.

Knowledge graph construction

Central to Spinque Desk is the knowledge graph. A single, rich data model that encompasses all your relevant data, gives it context and enables you to easily add external data.

It does not matter how your data is currently stored. With Spinque Desk you construct a knowledge graph of it yourself.

A dataset in Spinque Desk

Inspecting the knowledge graph in Spinque Desk.

Solution design

The graphical editor lets you design search solutions. You do so by combining building blocks that perform various operations on the knowledge graph: searching, filtering, ranking, transforming, matching, etc. With the integrated testing functionality you continuously assess the results of your evolving project, enabling you to iteratively design the perfect solution to your search problem.

A search strategy in Spinque Desk

Spinque Desk's graphical editor for search solutions.

API deployment

Directly deploy your finished search solution as a production API to use it in your application. You don't have to worry about performance or scalability, we take care of that. Our engine is powered by state-of-the-art column store database technology that is fast and reliable.

An API in Spinque Desk

Deploying search solutions as an API using Spinque Desk.

Demo time

We gladly give you a demo of Spinque Desk. Please reach out to

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