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Design Sprint

Are your colleagues or users having trouble finding relevant information quickly? Are you unsure how best to help them? We help you jumpstart your project with a design sprint. Together with the most important stakeholders we investigate how your search problem might best be solved. In a week we guide you through all the steps of a search design cycle and together we produce a prototype that is tested by your colleagues or users.

In a search design sprint we help you define goals for your project, set up a knowledge graph for your domain and validate assumptions about the needs of your users with a prototype. It allows you to create a well-founded roadmap on how to tailor your search and enables you to fill a product backlog for your project. All this before actual development has started.

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Search Design iteration

Visualization of the iterative Search Design processes.

Develop Sprint

Do you know exactly how you want to improve your search? But do you lack the people to do so? We will complement your team with search experts. With our broad experience in developing tailored search we will readily help you connect extra data sources to your knowledge graph, create additional search algorithms or advise you on how to fine-tune your search interface.

In a search develop sprint a number of items from a product backlog are realized. Search features can be developed alongside other features or can make up an entire sprint. Working in sprints enables teams to quickly add features that satisfy additional information needs and to respond to emerging requirements.

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Scrum Sprint

Spinque Academy

Do you want to design and develop your search applications yourselves? We will train you in our search design powertool Spinque Desk and put you on the path to becoming an all-round search designer. You'll learn how to design search applications that enable users to quickly find the most relevant result(s) in the most suitable format.

Once you get up and running you will be able to leverage all your domain knowledge to create search applications that are tailored to the information needs of your organization. We are convinced that search applications are best developed by you, an expert on your domain. We created Spinque Desk to enable you to do just that.

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Spinque Academy

Consult us

Wondering whether tailored search might be right for your organization? We are happy to think along and advise you on your project. Would you like to start with a Proof of Concept, put together a custom sprint or consider how best to string a couple of sprints together? Consult us and together we'll investigate the possibilities and make a plan that suits your specific needs.

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