Meet the Team: the Knowledge Scientist

Posted on 12/04/2023 by Peter Tessel.

In this blogpost series we introduce the three roles in the search design team. In the previous post we briefly introduced the team as a whole. We now take a closer look at the knowledge scientist. [...]

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Outsystems | NextStep Experience with NovioQ

Posted on 18/11/2022 by Wouter Alink.

NextStep, Outsystems' annual customer event, took place this week. For three days industry experts, thought leaders and customers shared their insights and experiences with the leading low-code development platform for enterprise applications. Next to the global virtual event some regional face-to-face events were organized by Outsystems implementation partners. [...]

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Fashion History by Entities: Artworks, Garments and Events

Posted on 15/11/2022 by Peter Tessel.

On the 5th of October we hosted the second meetup in the context of the group 'Using Knowledge Graphs in Cultural Heritage'. Information scientist/art historian Linda Freyberg and web/information designer Giacomo Nanni from the Urban Complexity Lab in Potsdam presented their research project Restaging Fashion. [...]

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Meet the Team: creating tailored search

Posted on 03/11/2022 by Peter Tessel.

We power search for clients in many domains: eCommerce, public administration, cultural heritage, business operations, etc; organizations with large amounts of heterogeneous data. Although the domains differ, our challenge is always the same: enable users to efficiently accomplish tasks that involve search. [...]

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Raadzaam launched on

Posted on 20/10/2022 by Peter Tessel.

Last week Raadzaam, our search engine for city councilors, was launched on At the beginning of the plenary part of the 679th Political Market, Mayor Ank Bijleveld showed a video about the new search engine on the council portal: [...]

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Boosting a Digital Twin at Mercedes Benz

Posted on 13/07/2022 by Peter Tessel.

Last week we showcased Spinque Desk at Startup Autobahn EXPO2022 in Stuttgart, Germany. We presented the work we did together with Mercedes-Benz Operations to create and use a digital twin of the vehicle production process. Curious how we apply our technology in the automotive domain? [...]

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U-reka reaches final of GemeenteDelers!

Posted on 19/05/2022 by Peter Tessel.

U-reka, the search engine for city councilors we created in close cooperation with the municipality of Utrecht, has reached the final of GemeenteDelers 2022! GemeenteDelers is a competition between initiatives that improve municipal services. The main aim is to generate attention and to share knowledge and experience between municipalities. [...]

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Plugging in Advanced Search in OutSystems

Posted on 21/04/2022 by Peter Tessel.

Recently we finished a project in which we replaced the out-of-the-box search of OutSystems with Spinque technology. OutSystems is a low-code development platform that enables its users to rapidly develop and deploy enterprise applications. It provides components that are dragged and dropped to create data models, user interfaces and workflows; one of them being search. [...]

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WWII by entities: Persons, Places and Events

Posted on 24/03/2022 by Peter Tessel.

Last week we organized the first meetup in the context of the group 'Using Knowledge Graphs in Cultural Heritage'. Jos Bezemer, senior interaction designer at DOOR/IN10, Lizzy Jongma, ICT project lead at Oorlogsbronnen and Michiel Hildebrand, knowledge scientist at Spinque presented how they used the Oorlogsbronnen Knowledge Graph while creating the new together. [...]

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Congratulations Intershop and Sparque

Posted on 16/03/2022 by Peter Tessel.

Today Intershop, the leading B2B commerce platform, acquired Sparque, the advanced eCommerce capabilities provider and our trusted partner for many years. Powered by Spinque Desk, Sparque has taken a frontier position in search and recommendation in eCommerce. [...]

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Graph Ranking - part 3

Posted on 17/08/2021 by Roberto Cornacchia.

In the first and the second part of this blog mini-series about graph ranking we have used a small subset of our graph: only nodes of type Movie, ranked by some of their properties. It is also possible, and most useful, to rank nodes of some class based on the relevance of some different but related classes. [...]

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Search Design with Spinque Desk

Posted on 08/07/2021 by Peter Tessel.

Yesterday marked the end of our spring course 'Search Design with Spinque Desk'. This time we invited some of our clients in the cultural heritage domain to participate. [...]

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A new Block on the Desk: Extract Entities

Posted on 30/06/2021 by Hendrik Werner.

At Spinque, we have recently launched a pilot project to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the strategy builder. Specifically, we have built BERT into Spinque Desk as a building block [...]

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Graph Ranking - part 2

Posted on 22/06/2021 by Roberto Cornacchia.

This second post is about ranking graph nodes using their text properties. While exploring different approaches to multi-property raking, we introduce the concept of result combination. [...]

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The Netwerk Oorlogsbronnen Effect

Posted on 12/05/2021 by Peter Tessel.

Our long time client Dutch Network War Collections, in Dutch: Netwerk Oorlogsbronnen (NOB), uses Spinque Desk to connect the dispersed collections of hundreds of archival institutions, museums, memorial centers [...]

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Graph Ranking - part 1

Posted on 26/04/2021 by Roberto Cornacchia.

When accessing information on the Web we are continuously interacting with systems that try to determine what is relevant for us. When we use a service to watch a movie or series it suggests what we should watch next. [...]

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This research is funded by...

Posted on 20/04/2021 by Daria Alexander.

At Spinque we do not only develop and implement search technology, we also do research. I started working at Spinque as a researcher in September 2020. Spinque takes part in the DoSSIER project, which aims to [...]

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Off the blocks: sprinting with the municipality of Utrecht

Posted on 26/01/2021 by Peter Tessel.

2021 started well with a design-and-develop sprint with the municipality of Utrecht. In just one week, we added video as a new feature to U-reka, the search application that was launched last year and that supports the [...]

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Spinque's 10 Year Anniversary

Posted on 03/06/2020 by Roberto Cornacchia.

On 28 May 2020 we celebrated our 10 year anniversary. We had planned to have a nice party in our hometown of Utrecht, but unfortunately live events are out of the question at the moment due to the Covid-19 pandemic [...]

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Search Design in the Time of Corona

Posted on 26/03/2020 by Peter Tessel.

Just like the rest of the world, for two weeks now the Corona virus has gripped the Netherlands. Unlike other countries we are not (yet?) in a lockdown situation but we were called upon to keep social distance and ever [...]

Read more - finding eyewitnesses to WWII

Posted on 11/02/2020 by Peter Tesel.

Today we want to congratulate the Dutch Network War Collections (in Dutch: Netwerk Oorlogsbronnen (NOB)) with the launch of ( the starting point for finding Dutch victims of WWII. [...]

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U-reka! - search for city councillors

Posted on 06/02/2020 by Peter Tessel.

Last week search application U-reka was launched to much acclaim. U-reka helps city councillors of the city of Utrecht and their staff members find relevant information easily and quickly. During a playful competition [...]

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Reduce, reuse, recycle

Posted on 07/11/2019 by Peter Tessel.

Today we celebrate World Digital Preservation Day (WDPD) together with the Dutch digital heritage community. The central event today 'The Big Picture of sustainable access' is organised by Het Nieuwe Instituut and [...]

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Should I wait or grab a cup of coffee?

Posted on 16/10/2019 by Laurens Kuiper.

While creating a search strategy in Spinque Desk, you often want to check the output at a particular point in your evolving strategy. Right now all you see is 'X operations left' as the system is building a preview of your results. [...]

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Kafka Latency

Posted on 18/06/2019 by Kay Werndli.

Here at Spinque, we are constantly trying to improve our products and always have an open ear for feature requests from our clients. Now, new features are always nice but we want to make sure that the end-user experience is not negatively affected by it. [...]

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Lean Search Design with Spinque Desk

Posted on 27/02/2018 by Laurens Vreekamp.

Suppose you receive the following assignment from an editor-in-chief of a national newspaper: "Every day I want to see which news topics we did not cover yesterday (and our competition did)." How would you handle this? [...]

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Connecting collections across national borders

Posted on 04/07/2016 by Victor de Boer.

As audiovisual archives are digitizing their collections and making these collections available online, the need arises to also establish connections between different collections and to allow for cross-collection search and browsing. [...]

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Content-based dataset search with Spinque PSSA

Posted on 08/10/2015 by Wouter Alink.

Within the COMSODE project Spinque applied its Search by Strategy approach to Open Data. We successfully extended the approach to Linked Open Data and we demonstrated the technology through several search applications. At the end of the project we are very pleased [...]

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Linked Open Images

Posted on 03/07/2015 by Michiel Hildebrand.

In a previous blog post, we introduced CultuurLINK as a service for the cultural heritage community to integrate collections by linking their controlled vocabularies. As an example we showed how to connect the internal subject term list from the NIOD Institute [...]

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Linking data sources with Spinque

Posted on 18/06/2015 by Michiel Hildebrand.

An important part of the COMSODE methodology is to make datasets available in an integrated fashion. One aspect of this integration is the alignment of datasets by linking entities from one dataset with the same entities from another dataset. [...]

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Building an application on Open Data with Spinque

Posted on 14/11/2014 by Michiel Hildebrand.

In this post, we explain how we build a prototype application on top of three linked datasets. We detail how the required backend services combine information from multiple sources and how we constructed these services with Spinque. Using Spinque's search by strategy approach [...]

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Open Data, Open Art

Posted on 29/07/2014 by Michiel Hildebrand.

At Spinque we do not only like Open Data, we also like art. What better to combine them? In this post we illustrate how to use open data to enrich access to the art collection of the Rijksmuseum.[...]

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